When a disastrous fall in the Himalayas leaves 6-year-old Chuskit a paraplegic, she must convince her family that her dream of going to school hasn’t died. Chuskit's resilience and doggedness, inspires her friends and later her family as they help her get to school in this beautiful and spiritually uplifting, poetic tale.






Priya Ramasubban is a reputed filmmaker who has− for more than a decade and a half − made films for National Geographic, Discovery, History Channel and other major international broadcasters.
She is a storyteller at heart and has the ability to deal with complex subjects in a nuanced way allowing for textured interpretation of the subject. Her strong visual sense, evocative style and flair for highlighting local subcultures have been strong points that have kept production companies and broadcasters coming back to her again and again with offers of work.



When I travelled to Ladakh for a shoot for National Geographic, I was mesmerised by the incredible beauty of the land. Intrigued by the spirit of the people there, I decided I’d go back some day to make another film. On what subject, I wasn’t sure. Serendipitously, my sister Vidhya Ramasubban, moved to Ladakh for a job a year after my shoot. She stayed on for a decade, working on issues relating to the differently-abled. Her friend and author Sujatha Padmanabhan wrote a children’s book ‘Chuskit Goes To School' based on Vidhya’s efforts to get one disabled girl to school. When I read the book, I knew this...


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Inspired by my own experiences in Ladakh, it comes naturally to want to tell a story set in this beautiful, but tough terrain. Inspired by true events, Chuskit, is a deeply moving story of a little 8-year old girl’s determination to get to school despite her disability.
As a filmmaker, I believe cinema is an important medium of social critique and development told through an entertaining story. As one of the producer’s on Chuskit, my goal is also to make a film that conveys an alternate vision to how we live today. The film will be shot in Ladakhi with a local cast and we plan to use the landscape of the beautiful Himalayas to give the film a distinctive look.






Priya Sreedharan, a well-known independent producer in Mumbai, India, is already attached to the project. She was the executive producer on her first film "Oye Lucky", released in 2008. Her second film "LSD" made for 200,000 US dollars was the first commercially successful, breakthrough, digital film in India. She was also producer of "Shanghai" a political thriller based on the polemic novel Z, by Vassilis Vassilikos, released in 2012. Her passion for new Indian cinema was the driving force behind putting this project together. She has shot extensively in Ladakh and like the other key players is fascinated by the culture and the people in Ladakh.